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Winners Announced 2014 Writing Competition

The WINNERS of the 2014 Annual Writing Competition have selected by my judges, have been contacted and their prizes are being shipped today. Congratulations to the following:

1st Place winner – Bonnie M. of Lake Cowichan, BC has selected the unframed print “We Left Our Mark” (reminds her of home)

2nd Place winner – Susan M. of Moncton, NB will be receiving “Sharing ‘n Caring” mug

3rd place winner – Carol S. of Smithville, ON will be receiving “Tanlines” mug

The winning entries have given me permission to post and link their stories and pictures on my Facebook page here and also on my website, Their stories will be coming soon. Based on the 2nd & 3rd place entries, the images on the mugs befit their personal stories.

Everyones’ participation was wonderful and the judges did have a difficult decision. Believe me there was some bantering going on!

The 2015 Writing Competition is now open and does close April 30, 2015. Start with creating memories with your loved ones!


Exciting NEW Product added in 2014 !

11 oz. full colour mugs introduced in 2014. Full colour wrap and dishwasher safe. Does not matter if you are left handed or right handed as they are loads of fun on either side. Twelve designs are currently available: Bosom Buds, Dusk to Dawn the Game Goes On, Heart to Heart, Hickory Daquiri Dock, Just A Sip of Wine, Sunny Days of Summer, Table Talk, Reunion, Tan Lines, Woo Hoo, and Dockside Shenanigans. Never drink out of someone elses mug as you can all drink out of your own distinct mug!