The Scenery Collection by Kathy Meaney

Often I am inspired by surroundings, textures and light. We live in such a beautiful world!

Ladies of the Lake

It is always an adventure when my sister, and I are together. \"Anything\" can happen and usually, does. Our antics and musings have served as a background for many of my paintings and continue to supply me with endless possibilities for the sentiments and activities of \"my ladies\". My \"Ladies\" came to visit me in 2005. They wandered into my life as spirits of laughter and memories shared with my sister and friends. Painting them began as an experiment, but has become a sheer enjoyment of friendship. As each \"lady\" emerges, she never fails to make me smile. I enjoy watching others discover \"my ladies\" - their reactions, their own memories of doing something similar and I especially enjoy their smiles. \"The Ladies of the Lake\" welcome each viewer to laugh at themselves and forget, for awhile, any stress of the moment.


Wanting broaden my work and expose the diversity of my “ladies” across Canada, I began this new series, “Canadi-ANNAs”. Canada’s landscapes and localities are so intriguing, so why wouldn’t the “ladies” go across our provinces to see what kind of trouble they could get into? Recognizing some of the different ethnic groups who are the makeup of this country, the release picture “Canadi-ANNAs” displays we all are descendants from somewhere and have made Canada our home.


Often I have been asked to do commissions. Generally it is difficult to get the time to concentrate on a certain group of individuals. People may say there are 8 of us in a group and we want it to look like one of my images. Truthfully, I have so many sketches to \"catch up\" with, it is difficult to say yes. I will entertain the idea but time is always if the essence.

Art for Fun or Purpose

I love to recycle and reuse. We have so many items that with a little TLC can be refurbished. I see potential in many things, most of us would toss away. Here, you may find a few.